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Coordinating OpenSceneGraph releases with downstream maintainers

This page contains details of who is known to responsible for managing the packaging of the OpenSceneGraph binaries/source code under various software repositories, such as linux distributions. The intention of this page is to help us coordinate with OpenSceneGraph releases with the downstream maintainers and keep track of who in the OSG community will make binary packages. On this page enter the relevant info, suck as packaging pages, version info, schedules for releases, and any contact details of the maintainers.

For the maintainer curious about OpenSceneGraph release schedule and build/package please head over to our wiki:Community/InformationForMaintainers page.


Loic Dachary (


Ubuntu MOTU Developers

Ubuntu 9.04 release schedule

Ubuntu 9.04 is now in freature freeze so to get OSG-2.8 included we'll need to ask for a Freeze Exception


Please enter details here.


Please enter details here.


Supported releases 2009/2008.1 will have 2.6.1 in contribs, updated to 2.8 once released. Upcoming 2009.1 will have the same.

Relevant entry in Mandriva's Bugzilla: []


Please enter details here.


Please enter details here.


For Windows we can conceivably have different maintainers for any given toolchain (i.e. VC++ version, MinGW, Cygwin, ...) and architecture (32 and 64 bit). A note for Visual C++, please don't make binary packages for lower Service Packs than what is most recent when the release is made.

Visual C++ 2003 (vc71)

  • 32-bit: Please enter details here.
  • 64-bit: Please enter details here. (does vc71 even support 64-bit?)

Visual C++ 2005 SP1 (vc80sp1)

Visual C++ 2008 SP1 (vc90sp1)


  • 32-bit: Please enter details here.
  • 64-bit: Please enter details here.


  • 32-bit: Please enter details here.