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Suggestions for different package sets that we could build/maintain.

Package Name Components Dependencies
libopenthreads openthreads lib Pthrads/Win32
libopenthreads-dev headers libopenthreads
libopenscenegraph-core osg, osgUtil, osgDB, osgGA, osgViewer, osgSim, osgParticle, osgAnimation, osgWidget, osgManipulator, osgText, osgFX, osgVolume, osgTerrain libs libopenthreads, OpenGL, GLU, C++/C libs
libopenscenegraph-core-dev headers libopenscenergaph-core
libopenscenegraph standard plugins libjpeg, libtiff, libcurl, libgif etc. (gdal?)
openscenegraph applications libopenscenegraph
openscenegraph-data standard data files openscenegraph
openscenegraph-src source files OpenGL, GLU, C/C++ libs
libopenscenegraph-dev plugins don't have headers.. libopenscenegraph
libopenscenegraph-dae COLLADA plugin libopenscenegraph-core, COLLADA
libopenscenegraph-svg SVG plugin libopenscenegraph-core, Cario/SVGR
libopenscenegraph-gecko Gecko browser plugin libopenscenegraph-core, libxul-1.8.x
libopenscenegraph-vnc VNC client plugin libopenscenegraph-core, LibVNCServer
libopenscenegraph-pdf PDF reader plugin libopenscenegraph-core, Cairo, Poppler
libopenscenegraph-vrml VRML plugin libopenscenegraph-core, OpenVRML-x.x?
libopenscenegraph-iv Inventor plugin libopenscenegraph-core, Coin