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Photos taken at the Highland Gathering 2006

Here's some photos from Paul Martz:

(click on the photos for larger versions)

photo 1

Gareth, Robert (facing away) with daughter Ellen, and Marek.

photo 2

Yes there was some good weather in Callander, and when it was good it was very very good.

photo 3

Left to right, that's Paul Martz, Gareth, Robert, Mike, and Marek.

photo 4

Left to right, that's Marek, Gareth, and Paul Fotheringham. (I actually did take a photo of Colin, but it came out blurry. Sorry!)

photo 5

Phil Lavery disassembling his Mac system after demoing the Present3D? application and the DLF content.

photo 6

Nothing like a walk in the Scottish countryside to help place the build environment issues in proper perspective.

photo 7

Obviously, the entire purpose of Stirling Castle, and its booksshop, is simply to sell more whisky.

photo 14

View accross the front lawn of the hotel

photo 8

Camera shake in the rain!

photo 9

A walk in the park

photo 10

A view down the slope near the hotel

photo 11

Two views of the river near Robert's house.

photo 12

photo 15

Robert with Gwen and Ellen

photo 13

Mike Weiblen