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Past Events

Highlands Gathering 2006

Where: Callander, Scotland, October 18-20 2006

The event was hosted by project lead Robert Osfield. Attendees included:

  • Colin Dunlop, Aberfoyle, Scotland, UK
  • Paul Fotheringham, Crocodile Clips, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  • Phil Lavery, Digital Learning Foundation, West Kilbride, Scotland, UK
  • Paul Martz, Skew Matrix Software, Louisville, CO, USA
  • Gareth Roberts, MBDA, Bristol, England, UK
  • Marek Teichmann, CM Labs, Montreal, Canada
  • Mike Weiblen, Sony Entertainment, Foster City, CA, USA

Topics covered are outlined in the following three mind maps, one for each day of the event:

Highland Gathering 2006 mindmap for Wednesday.

Highland Gathering 2006 mindmap for Thursday.

Highland Gathering 2006 mindmap for Friday.

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