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Past Events

Highlands Gathering 2006

Where: Callander, Scotland
When: October 18-20, 2006

The event was hosted by project lead Robert Osfield. Attendees included:

  • Colin Dunlop, Aberfoyle, Scotland, UK
  • Paul Fotheringham, Crocodile Clips, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  • Phil Lavery, Digital Learning Foundation, West Kilbride, Scotland, UK
  • Paul Martz, Skew Matrix Software, Louisville, CO, USA
  • Gareth Roberts, MBDA, Bristol, England, UK
  • Marek Teichmann, CM Labs, Montreal, Canada
  • Mike Weiblen, Sony Entertainment, Foster City, CA, USA

Topics covered are outlined in the following three mind maps, one for each day of the event:

Highland Gathering 2006 mindmap for Wednesday.Highland Gathering 2006 mindmap for Thursday. Highland Gathering 2006 mindmap for Friday.

(click on the images for larger versions)

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User group meeting in Washington, DC

Where: Hotel Helix, Washington, DC
When: January 23, 2008

The event was planned by Paul Martz and Bob Kuehne, who were giving an OSG class Jan. 21-23 in Washington. The meeting place was a conference room in the hotel. Attendees included (please add/correct this if necessary):

  • Paul Martz (Skew Matrix Software)
  • Bob Kuehne (Blue Newt Software)
  • Dave Wolfe (Fifth Sally Software)
  • Eric Sokolowsky (NASA Goddard)
  • Paul Brewster (NASA Langley)
  • Glenn Waldron (Pelican Mapping)
  • Donald R. Leich (Intelligent Light)
  • Steven G. Satterfield (NIST)
  • John Kelso (NIST)
  • Nevin Fry (not sure what company he works for, but it's near DC)
  • Jean-Sébastien Guay (CM Labs Simulations Inc.)

In general we went around discussing versions of OSG used, problems in our applications, what tools they used as well as suggesting possible solutions to specific problems or situations. Donald also showed some very nice videos of what they're doing with real-time visualization of large CFD result sets, and Jean-Sébastien did a quick presentation and demo of what CM Labs does (integration of our high quality physics engine, Vortex, with OSG in various simulators).

Photo of the DC user group meeting attendees.

Bottom row, left to right: Dave Wolfe, Eric Sokolowsky.
Top row, left to right: Glenn Waldron, Paul Martz (photoshop!), Bob Kuehne, Donald R. Leich, Jean-Sébastien Guay, Nevin Fry, Paul Brewster.
Missing from the photo: Steven G. Satterfield, John Kelso.