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Chris Xenon Hanson

Co-founder of 3D Nature LLC and AlphaPixel LLC.

3D Nature makes 3D landscape visualization software for offline rendering and realtime work, focusing on GIS and remote sensed data with a specialization in large amount of high-quality vegetation and natural phenomena. 3D Nature uses OpenSceneGraph in NatureView Express.

AlphaPixel makes software for image processing. AlphaPixel's current products are the PixelSense series which process freely-available Landsat scene images, Color Infrared (CIR) or 7-4-2 band mixed Landsat images into natural-color GeoTIFFs, primarily for terrain visualization use. PixelSense output is usable as input into Virtual Planet Builder.

For confidentiality reasons that are no longer relevant, I formerly used the alias Eric Hammil on the OSG mailing list, but pretty much everyone knows who I really am.