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Don Burns

Original Author of SG (before it was known as O-SG). I've been flying hang-gliders for about 28 years and programming computers for about 20 years, with a keen interest in real-time 3D graphics over the past 12-14 years. OSG was written to support the hang-glider simulator, which was a marriage of both of my interests.

I've worked for NASA/Ames research center doing visualization of wind-tunnel data, 5 years with Concurrent Computer doing real-time (and yes, real-time graphics), 5 years with SGI where I had he privilege of learning a great deal, and 3 years now as proprietor of Andes Computer Engineering.

I work and live in Sunnyvale, CA. at the heart of the Silicon Valley with my wife and 3 year old daughter (Oct, 2004).

Son of Wycliffe Bible Translator missionaries, I was born and raised in South America in the countries of Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. My "heart" culture and language is that of Peru.