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Gerwin De Haan

In fall 2004 I started my Phd research at Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands), working on interaction and data visualisation in Virtual Reality. I have been working with Opengl Performer for a year or two but now experimenting with Osg, preparing for a remake of our (almost ancient) VR library and applications.

OSG related things of the future that would be of my (and my research's) interest:

  • 3d/VR interaction in general (e.g interaction scenario's, toolsets, widgets)
  • rapid VR application development using scripting (such as Python)
  • physically realistic behaviour of objects (e.g. collisions, constraints, deformations)
  • integration with data visualisation (e.g. VTK)
  • distributed scene graph
  • collaboration

--- In 2007, we ported our !OpenGL Performer based software to OpenSceneGraph. We often use Python-based OSG wrappings, part of which under development on OSG Swig, to prototype new applications an interaction techniques for our VR systems. Approaching the final months of my PhD work, I focus on rapid prototyping of interaction techniques. For this I build some StateChart? and dataflow mechanisms to connect functional components, of course in Python and with graphical elements in OSG.

--- More info can be found on other pages: