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Gordon Tomlinson

Gordon is a programmer at heart, I have been hacking away at programming since the eighties ( yes I'm old fart ), I have been working in the 3d Simulation industry since joining PERA in the nineties and developing Europe's first commercial reality centre.

I'm a 3d scene graph whore, having worked with many of the API's that have come and gone and still around, I have also been known to create 3d models, learned to model using Multigen Creator or just Multigen when I first started out. I have done a lot of application work using Opengl, Performer, Vega, Vega Prime and now OSG

I ended up working for Paradigm which became Multigen-Paradigm, working on Vega, Vega Prime, Services Program and Managed and developed Sitebuilder 3D, I'm heavily involved on many forums Opengl, MPI, Performer Mailing List, OSG mailing lists etc.

I'm the author and maintainer of the unofficial Vega/Performer FAQ's ( ), I'm currently working on OSG, Vega Prime, and Performer FAQ's and samples (Still work in process)

Currently I'm an independent contractor working in the UK and USA providing Programming and modelling services including OSG, more details can be found at

I recently started a place for FAQ's, links, resources, about 3d simulation and modelling, also add a forums for the same

My Home page :