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Javier Taibo

Ph.D in Computer Science by University of A Coruña (2010) Computer Science degree (1998)

I am an assistant professor in the Communication Sciences Faculty of University of A Coruña, teaching subjects about CGI, animation and interaction.

As a researcher, I began collaborating with RNASA Lab between 1995 and 1998, working in image analysis for biomedical applications. From 1998 I work in VideaLAB, participating in R&D projects relative to some areas of Computer Graphics, mainly terrain visualization, 3D GIS, virtual reality, immersive video and natural interfaces.

I began with scene graph technologies in 1998 with IRIS Performer (now OpenGL Performer) from SGI running on InfiniteReality? hardware and IRIX (good old times). Some years later we changed to PC architecture (Linux and Windows) and ported all our code to OpenSceneGraph, and since then it has been used for almost every projects in the laboratory.

Regarding my contribution to the community, I have released the Maya2OSG plug-in to import and export Maya scenes and models to (or from) any OpenSceneGraph supported format. It is a piece of code I developed some years ago in my spare time to learn about the Maya C++ API and to ease the use of high quality models in my OSG applications. It was later used in the pipeline of the Empty Museum to export 3D models to the more recent virtual worlds developed in this system.