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Marco Jez

I've been an OSG fan for years. I discovered OSG while searching for a valid replacement for a commercial 3D Graphics library (WorldToolKit) and I decided to choose it because it met all my primary requirements: clean and standard C++ design, flexibility and extensibility, good and ready support from Robert and Don. OSG was my first open source experience and it certainly changed my way of making software.

Now something about myself... I was born in Trieste, north-eastern Italy, in 1978. Since I was a child I felt confident with new technologies, especially with electronics and computers. I like to say that I had a passion for computers even before knowing what a computer was. At the age of 12 I got my first home computer: a glorious Sinclair ZX-81 with 1 KB of RAM. Love at first sight. :)

I started university with Electronics Engineering as major, but after two good years and then three years of inactivity (due to my concurrent job) I switched to Computer Science and Engineering, which is definitely more suited to me. I'm about to graduate in few months, then I'll begin the specialization program.

I've been working for almost five years as a computer programmer in the field of real-time 3D graphics. One of the most important projects that my company have succesfully developed with OSG is V-CAM (visit the web site). We also use OSG for all minor works like presentations and demos. Of course, I use OSG everyday at home for my own hobby.

I'm an active member of the OSG community, I always try to help in testing and fixing bugs, and I occasionally write NodeKits and additional libraries. Some of them are now part of the OSG distribution, like osgParticle and osgFX. The external NodeKit I'm most proud of is osgNV, a library that allows to use the power of programmable GPUs and shading languages in OSG applications. I also developed the current LWO/LWS reader plugin and some helper classes around the OSG core.

My thought in a nutshell: OSG rulez'''