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I'm a swede who's working with OpenSceneGraph on my day job. We make simulators. We have previously been using VTree and Vega but now find all we need and more in osg. We especially appreciate the strength of the osg community and organization and of course the freedom in free software.

Other background/experience in c++, data communication, sw integration, code generation tools.

MSVC++ 9.0 Win32 binary dependencies

I have compiled the 3rdParty dependency set defined by Mike Weiblen with MSVC++9.0. Here's the link:

About the zip
Compiled on Microsoft Windows XP using MS Visual Studio 2008 Express (with MSVC++ 9.0). Source packages were fetched using Mike Weiblen's bat scripts. MSVS Express means no MFC plus other differences that may exist, like LDAP support that wasn't available and hence made the curlib lack LDAP support. Otherwise I beleive the compiler (VC++9.0) is the same in MSVS2008/MSVS2008 Express.