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Michael Gronager

Started 3D programming back in 93 with simple raytracers. Then I got interested in Quantum Mechanics for about 5 years. After my PhD I started at UNI-C working with IDL, VRML and Java3D for doing 3D educational software. In 2000 I opened an Onyx2 based VR-Center and together with my group I used Performer, VEGA and Division. Well running out of power to the Onyx2 I choose to look into OpenSceneGraph which we have used for several projects. Just to mention some:

osgOcean together with Uffe Hammer

OSGExp the 3dsmax exporter - together with Rune Schmidt Jensen

ive the binary file format together with Rune Schmidt Jensen

OSGAx An ActiveX plugin with web streaming support

osgVR A nodekit for VR and interactivity

JPEG2000 importer/exporter

GZ gnuzipped filearchives packed and unpacked in memory - for small web files.

Today I am working full time on an EU project about GRID computing sitting at the Niels Bohr institute - so osgVR is done in my sparetime.