Mike Weiblen

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I first began experimenting with 3D computer graphics on my TRS-80 Model 100 and Amiga 1000 in the mid-1980s.

For OSG, my contributions include:

  • the OSG windows binary installer
  • core support for the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL), which replaced the now-obsolete prototype osgGL2 NodeKit?
  • the GLSL Shading with OSG presentation for the OSG Advanced Rendering seminar at SIGGRAPH 2005.
  • osgVRPN, a NodeKit? for interface to hardware devices (such as trackers and Spaceballs) using the VRPN library http://vrpn.org/)
  • osgToy, a random collection of fun and maybe-useful tools, plugins, and data (such as fractal generators, normal visualizers, normal generators, testpatterns, diagnostic shaders, polyhedra, impossible objects, etc)
  • PseudoLoaders? such as the .rot, .scale, .trans plugins
  • the COLLADA plugin (formerly on SourceForge, now in OSG core)
  • the GLSL Quick Reference Guide, which includes a section on the OSG preset uniforms.
  • the drawtext GLSL shader

My OSG webpage is http://mew.cx/osg/