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Robert Osfield

Project lead, and author of the bulk of the core OpenSceneGraph libraries.

Guardian of the source - the main gate keeper on reviewing and integrating changes to the OpenceneGraph SVN repository.

Married to Julia, with three gorgeous girls of which I'm enormously proud :-) The OpenSceneGraph project was born the same year as my eldest daughter, I'll not say which is more mature!

Born July 1969, in England, then shortly after shipped out to Singapore, then back to England after few more years, then to Germany, then to England, then to Scotland, then back to England, then finally back to Scotland.

Education: 1988-92 MEng in Engineering and Computer Science at Oxford University.

Work: hang glider designer, then software developer/manager, then VR researcher, then finally to self employment setting up OpenSceneGraph Professional Services in 2001, to be an Open Source software developer/consultant/bottle washer/slave.

Pictures of new base in Callander, Perthshire, Scotland. September 2005.

This is my street, house/office on far right, Ben Ledi in background mountain about 3 miles away.

Same street, 18 hours before, my two youngest girls enjoying splashing in puddles - you have to enjoy rain in Scotland :-)

Walk along our local river, looking back towards Callander.

In the middle of the only lake of Scotland (the rest are Lochs!) is an island where Inchmahome Priory found founded in 1238

The local grave yard hosts a number of examples of Celtic art, including this cross:

The view from a forest track down on to Loch Venechar, come here if you love fishing!