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Community Plugins

OSG Loaders/Plugins to the OSG

  • People/BorisBralo's ECW image reader plugin including Win32 includes of libs of ERMappers's SDK (License : mixture of OpenSource and ClosedSource/FreeWare details in zip file)
  • People/RubenLopez's original Inventor ascii plugin for the OSG (License GNU LGPL).
  • People/StanislavBlinov's RAR loader for OSG. Enables OSG to read data from RAR archives. Source code was at but the link is broken. It requires UnRAR.dll from Maybe it also can be compiled with UnRAR Linux library. (License unknown, requires proprietary software).
  • People/MikeWeiblen's COLLADA importer, hosted on SourceForge Update: the COLLADA importer has since moved from SourceForge into the OSG CVS.
  • People/MikeWeiblen's osgToy includes several PseudoLoader plugins for easy access to its many features, such as fractal generators, normal visualizers, normal generators, and more. (License : OSGPL)
  • MPEG reader plugin, uses libmpeg3. This plugin was part of the core OSG distribution prior to the 0.9.9 release. (License: GPL)
  • This VRML 2.0 (wrl) reader plugin is based on the Inventor plugin, but is specific to VRML, preserves transform node information, and supports animations. It depends on Coin3d. It's not complete by any means, but please try it out and send any feedback to Andrew Fischer. (License: GNU GPL)
    • Ben Discoe tested this plugin on 05.12.14 on Windows with VC7.1, and identified a number of the issues.
    • Firstly, OSG 1.0 will not find the osgdb_wrl plugin unless you remove this line from Registry.cpp: addFileExtensionAlias("wrl", "iv");
    • Issue: No inlining files, e.g. aa.wrl references bb.wrl.
    • Issue: Extrusions produce surfaces in which half the faces are missing.
    • Issue: No textures, e.g. aa.wrl reference bb.jpg
    • To duplicate these issues, you can use these small VRML samples

Plugins to Modelers for exporting to/importing from OSG

  • OSGMaxExp - 3D Studio MAX plugin for exporting Introduction/OpenSceneGraph models (License : GNU LGPL).
  • DIOsoft's osgMaya - Maya plugin for importing/exporting OpenSceneGraph models (License : proprietary although the intent was probably to publish it under the GNU GPL or GNU LGPL but the distribution does not contain any mention of the licensing terms which makes it proprietary).
  • RubenLopez's Blender OSG-Exporter python script (License : GNU GPL).
  • Sung-Hee Lee's Osg2Maya - Maya plugin for importing OpenSceneGraph models (License: GNU GPL).
  • Cedric Pinson Blender osgexport python script (License : GNU GPL), support osgAnimation
  • Maya2OSG - Autodesk Maya plug-in for exporting/importing OSG models/scenes (License: GNU GPL)