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Bug Resolution

This section is for enabling quick resolution of bugs.

Please enter descriptions of the bugs you have come across and provide detailed intructions on how to recreate it, and include code segments and example data where possible - the aim is to allow others to be able to recreate the problem as quickly as possible. A good bug report is worth its weight in gold, and the better the report is the more quickly its likely to be fixed.

Before you enter a bug description please check the FAQ and then notify the osg-user mailing list about the problem you are seeing first, it might be that its not a bug problem but a simple usage error that can be fixed in no time at all. You can also find out if others have had the problem before and if it has already been fixed.

This section is not a wish list section, entries that are not proper bugs will be deleted. Place a horizontal seperator between items.

The follow lists are items we are hoping to address before the OpenSceneGraph-2.6 release. MUST resolve items are ones that will hold back the release till they are all resolved. Should resolve items are ones that we plan to resolve before the 2.6 release, but if not addressed in time they won't hold back the release. could items are ones that would be nice to resolve, but should only be addressed once all MUST and Should have been addressed.

MUST resolve for OpenSceneGraph-2.6

  • No items logged.

Should resolve for OpenSceneGraph-2.6

  • osgviewerQt crash on exit when using multiple OSG GraphicsWindowEmbedded style viewer/windows.
  • replace local sensitive atof functionality.
  • osgFX::MultiTextureControl crash when running multiple contexts, multi-threaded.

could resolve for OpenSceneGraph-2.6

  • No items logged.

Recently Fixed bugs:

  • osg::Texture3D crash when running multiple contexts, multi-threaded.