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CMake documentation pages can build found at CMake which are also linked to from the main Support index page.

Below are some old links/discussion on the CMake build project that has been integrated into the core OpenSceneGraph and OpenThreads SVN.

Position papers written by members of the community

  • Luigi Calori's paper on his CMake/OSG work submitted to the Highland Gathering 2006. Document in is zipped .odp file (Open Document Presentation).

Mac OS X Specific Notes:

There are still some standing issues on OS X. There are several things that we need on OS X:

  • Framework detection support (a framework is a fancy packaged dynamic library)
  • Framework creation support (to build osg frameworks instead of just .dylibs)
  • Universal Binary support (either through Xcode, Makefiles, or both)
  • install_name support (sort of like rpath on Linux)

We have been in discussion with the CMake authors and they seem to be willing to help us. Per our request, they have already implemented framework detection support. There seems to be at least a workaround for install_name. There seems to be confidence that Framework creation support should not be too hard to implement and we are just trying to finalize the CMake API for it. Universal Binary support is more of a pain because CMake wasn't built around the idea of cross-compiling. However the best path is to leverage Apple's changes to gcc and Xcode and accomplish this task. Since OSG has a fairly unified code base without a lot of processor specific stuff, we are hopeful that CMake will implement the set of features we need to do this.

With that being said, CMake is still closest to meeting these OS X objectives than any other cross-platform build systems (for many of these issues aren't even on those projects' radar).