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Development Work

Follows are items that core developers and members of the community can work on.

Todo list for upcomming 2.0 release

Our aim to complete all the MUST and Should have points, any MUST have items are show stoppers, things that 2.0 abosolutely can't go out without being resolve, Should have items really should be completed before 2.0 goes out, but could be dropped if looks like schedule will slip disproportionality to their importance. Could have items are items we'd love to see completed, but if they aren't the release won't be held back. Any bugs lists below need to be fleshed out in BugResolution.


Should have

  • Versioning of libs and osgPlugins
  • !XCode build fixed - be it in CMake or in old XCode project form.

== could have =

  • osgViewer - !PBuffer support on Win32, X11 and Carbon
  • osgViewer - include/osgViewer/api - support for Qt, WxWidgets, FLTK, MFC, SDL
  • osgViewer - configuration file support, including for distortion correction meshes
  • osgShadow - finish ShadowVolume and integrate ParallelSplitShadowMap
  • osgTerrain - finish support for multiple layers, dynamic data and large source data
  • Lua scripting support.
  • C# language bindings
  • Geometry shaders??
  • Cmake Build system - XCode in particular.