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Marco Jez's genwrapper is a utiltiy program that reads C++ header files and then automatically generates osgWrapper code from to use alongside osgIntrospection.

Latest development available in subversion:

Package for the last release:


GenWrapper was created as an 'ad-hoc' tool to support the development of osgIntrospection and it was never intended to be used with anything other than OSG source files, nor it was designed to meet requirements other than the author's ones. GenWrapper was tested on the OSG source tree ONLY and it's not known to work with anything else. If you want to use GenWrapper on your own application's source tree, try to follow OSG coding conventions and directory layout in order to minimize the risk of failure. GENWRAPPER MAY OVERWRITE AND DESTROY YOUR FILES, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. ALWAYS MAKE BACKUPS!!!


Wrappers are generated from a two-phases process. The first phase requires an XML description of source files to be created with Doxygen (GenWrapper can build a Doxyfile for you). In the second phase GenWrapper takes the XML input and generates C++ introspection wrappers and optionally GNU makefiles and VS6 project files.


  • genwrapper -h | -?
  • genwrapper -d path_to_osg [doxy_dir]
  • genwrapper [-c config_file] [-v level] [-p] [-m] [-l] [doxy_dir] output_dir

-h, -?

show help screen.

-d path_to_osg

specify the directory where OpenSceneGraph (or your own application) is located. GenWrapper expects an OSG-style directory layout.


directory where XML files generated by Doxygen are stored. Default is the system-wide temporary directory, if available.


output directory where wrappers should be written. May be the same as the source directory (path_to_osg).

-c config_file

loads the specified configuration file. This option can be repeated multiple times. If no configuration files are specified, genwrapper.conf in the GenWrapper directory will be used.

-v level

specify the verbosity level. May be one of: QUIET, ERROR, WARNING, NOTICE, INFO, DEBUG.


enable creation of VS6 project files.


enable creation of GNU makefiles.


enable creation of change lists (see notes below).


Create wrappers for OpenSceneGraph: -> ./genwrapper -d /path/to/osg | Doxygen - -> ./genwrapper /path/to/osg


  1. GenWrapper only overwrites files whose content has actually changed.
  2. Wrapper files are written into output_dir/src/osgWrappers.
  3. VS6 project files are written into output_dir/VisualStudio/osgWrappers.
  4. Change lists (option -l) are created as three text files for each target directory. Such files are named "" (list of removed files), "" (list of added files) and "" (list of modified files).
  5. Tested Doxygen version is 1.4.1. GenWrapper may not work with other versions.


Use, distribute, copy, modify, squeeze, trash... Do anything you wish :)