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Below is are interview questions from 3d-Test

Q1- Why are OpenSceneGraph so fast for displaying 3D content?

Q2- Could you give a few tips for DCC artists who want to increase the rendering speed of their models?

Q3- What is the link between OpenSceneGraph and OpenGL? Why should developers prefer OpenSceneGraph?

Q4- OpenSceneGraph is a toolkit which provides a C++ API and a Java Binding. Is there any "user friendly" tool enabling non-programmers to rapidly develop applications based on OpenSceneGraph?

Q5- OpenSceneGraph is multiplatform, does it mean that it is not optimized for every OS?

Q6- OpenSceneGraph now supports Collada, could you give more details on the importer's features? (i.e. does it support bones, materials, shaders...?)

Q7- Do you think Collada is just another trendy format or a real good idea that will reduce the number of import filters that the 3D engines must provide?

Q8- Is OpenSceneGraph enough for developers who need to produce realtime 3D animations with few interactions or should they use a complete game engine such as Delta3D ?

Q9- What do you think of current efforts to integrate OpenSceneGraph within Web pages, such as Cooki3D?