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The osgShadow NodeKit is now underway and will be integrated into core OpenSceneGraph and all going well will be part of the next release - OpenSceneGraph-1.3. We don't have a release date for this release, so if your impatient, check up on progress by sending a querry to the osg-users mailing list. The code will first be available in the CVS version of the OpenSceneGraph.

Deliverables for the first release of osgShadow are:


  • NodeKit containing nodes and helper classes for specify:
    • light sources
    • the parts of the scene being shadowed
    • the parts of the scene which cast shadows
    • a mechansim for specifying the shadow techniques/implementations
    • a mechansim for specifying the options required to configure the different shadow techniques
  • Shadow techniques:
    • stencil volume shadows

Could have

  • Shadow techniques:
    • shadow textures
    • shadow maps
    • parallel split shadow maps

Existing implementations that can be used as source material

Stencil Shadow Volumes implementations:

Parallel Split Shadow Map implementations:

Simple Depth Shadow implementations:

  • osgdepthshadow from OpenSceneGraph/examples/osgdepthshadow
  • Mihai Radu's version of the above, separated in classes and added a small scene manager [[ implementation]

Online resource that are a good source of information about the various shadow techniques

Recent mailing list threads on shadows