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The section is for coordinating various tasks being carried out by the Community. Please sign up for tasks that you can help with, and explain what you'll be tackling so that others can coordinate with you.

Ongoing core OpenSceneGraph tasks

  • Server - coordination of new server set up, hosting and administration.
  • Bug Resolution - details of what bugs are outstanding and how to recreate them
  • Development Work - tasks to do on the core OpenSceneGraph
  • Reflection Framework - discussion about a reflection/RTTI framework for the OpenSceneGraph.
  • Source Docs - tasks to improve the documentation of the classes/methods/fns/enums
  • SpellingBee - review of spelling and typos in OpenSceneGraph source code

Streamline builds and release

  • BuildSystems - development of unified build systesm.
  • BuildFarm - development of distributed build farm to build and test the OpenSceneGraph.

General project tasks

General software tasks