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Integration with GUI Toolkits

with the introducion of OpenSceneGraph 2.0 it has become more straight forward to integrate the OSG with 3rd party windowing toolkits virtue of the new osgViewer library. To illustrate how easy integration can now be there are a set of OpenSceneGraph/examples that integrate with:

  • Qt3 & Qt4 - osgviewerQT
  • SDL - osgviewerSDL
  • GLUT - osgviewerGLUT
  • FLTK - osgviewerFLTK
  • WxWidgets - osgviewerWX
  • MFC - osgviewerMFC

Also development in community ontop of OpenSceneGraph-2.0:

  • Thibault Genessay's wxMultiView example, integrating osgViewer::CompositeViewer and wxWidgets. Compiles against OSG 2.0 and wxWidgets 2.8.x Unicode.

Prior to OpenSceneGaph 2.0 the community has been developing a set of separate libraries/examples that integrate the OpenSceneGraph with a range of Windowing toolkits. This libraries/examples are listed below.


  • Don Burns's OpenProducer for run-time configurable multi-threaded, multi-window/pipe rendering.


Win32 & MFC

  • Trale's MFC + Producer based OSG viewer's OSGMFC (compatible with latest version of the OSG in CVS, to compile against OSG-9.6-2 you'll need to comment out non compiling sections.)
  • People/JohnDavis' MFC based OSG viewer OsgMS.NETViewer (compatible with OSG-0.9.3) and osgMFC (compatible with OSG-0.9.2)
  • Joseph Steel's Win32 based OSG demo osgWin32Demo


  • Michael Gronager !OSGAx - Full !ActiveX implementation of


  • Charlse Cosse's osgfox example.


  • osgSDL (orginal author People/MarcoJez, now maintained by People/AndewSampson).
  • Marco Jez's osgConsole
  • Daniel Sjoelie's SDL based OSG library osgsdl
  • Timothy Pratley's SDL based OSG viewer osg_sdl_world


  • Toshiyuki Takahei's Orihalcon framework contains !wxWindows widgets for OSG
  • Jeff Biggs' example application integrating !wxWindows and OSG mVue.
  • Geoff Michel' example application integrating TclTk and OSG KnowledgeBase/TclTk?.
  • Andreas's Hello World for integration of OSG together with wxWidgets (provided by Charles Cosse).
  • Gian Lorenzetto's simple example integrating OSG with wxWidgets. Built against OSG 1.1 and wxWidgets 2.6.3. Supports full event handling and open dialog for file load.


  • Luca Cappa' GTKGLEXTMM based OSG viewer osggtkglextmm.tar.gz (usage of gtkglextmm 1.1 and gtkmm 2.6.5 and OSG 1.0).
  • Ruben Lopez's OSG-Edit has an integration layer that allows using OSG inside GTK+ projects either by chosing gtkglext or gtkglarea. The integration layer is not distributed separately but is isolated and usable in other projects.


  • libosgswt is an standalone library that integrates the openscenegraph with the SWT toolkit, and is the base of josgviewer.
  • Etomica project integrates OSG into the SWT toolkit and the Eclipse platform for molecular simulations, but the integration component is not distributed separately. It uses the OSG-Edit GTK+ component.


  • RoberOsfield?'s GLUT based OSG viewer library and demos suite, now maintained by People/MikeWeiblen osgGLUT


3D GUI Toolkits implemented with the OpenSceneGraph

  • Davide Pippa's osgIM nodekit library which adds support for 3D GUI's.
  • Jeffrey Barber's GUI framework, implemented directly in OSG, GGplus

2D GUI Toolkits implemented with the OpenSceneGraph

  • The Poker3D multiplayer online poker game contains an adapter for Metisse that embeds arbitrary 2D X11 programs within an OSG 3D scenegraph. All Poker3D 2D interfaces are implemented using this adapter. For instance, it can be used to run a KDE or Gnome environment within an OSG scene. Extracting this adapter from Poker3D is relatively easy because it only relies on OSG. (License : GNU GPL).