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The Community section of the website is a place to add links to your OpenSceneGraph! related projects, both commericial, educational, personal and open source. The whole website is a trac wiki so is completely editable by the OpenSceneGraph community. To learn how to add changes to this website use the WikiSandbox section for experimentation and placing temporary files, note the Edit Page link at the bottom of each page.

People and Organisations

  • JobOffers section is for companies willing to hire people for a job involving OpenSceneGraph.
  • Contractors section is for companies/contractors that supply OpenSceneGraph related consulting, bespoke development contracting and training services.
  • People section is for learning about other users, and also a place to tell us about yourself.
  • Users section is for learning about some of the commercial products, academic and non commercial projects that use the OpenSceneGraph.
  • User Groups section is a list of local groups of OpenSceneGraph users that have sprung up around the globe.
  • Testimonials sections provides a place for recording user experiences with using the OpenSceneGraph
  • Events section provides details of graphics related conferences and events that may be of interest.


  • Tasks section is the place for coordinating tasks that are being carried out by the community.
  • Language Wrappers section provides links and information on the Java, Python and Lua Bindings for the OpenSceneGraph.
  • Nodekits section provides links and information on various 3rd Party libraries that provide NodeKits which extended the OpenSceneGraph adding various specialist features.
  • Plugins section provides links and information on 3rd Party libraries/plugins that add support for reading and writing various file formats, including plugins that export native OpenSceneGraph formats directly from modelers.
  • Applications section provides links and information on 3rd Party applications that are based on the OpenSceneGraph.
  • Windowing Toolkits section provides links to 3rd Party libraries that provide integration of the OpenSceneGraph with various Windowing toolkits such as Qt, SDL, MFC etc.
  • Derived Software section provides links to software derived from OpenSceneGraph code.


Unofficial Forum

  • is a forum for VR developers who's native language is Chinese. It has a forum about OpenSceneGraph.
  • Switzerland OpenSceneGraph Users : Who is interested into a OSG Group Switzerland, please write me an email: 3dhelp (at)