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The OpenSceneGraph has range of dependencies, listed at the bottom of this page, most of which are optional and only required if you want to load a specific type of data. The OpenSceneGraph !CMake based build system can automatically detect what dependencies you have installed and enable/disable the build of various modules according to what is available. Under Windows and Debian linux pre built binary packages available, using these can make your life a little easier.

Windows prebuilt dependency package

The most up to date windows dependency package, that is required for OpenSceneGraph-2.3 and later, is maintained by Mike Weiblen, and can be download/browsed via svn at:

There is also an older dependency package than can be downloaded as pre-packaged 3rdParty_Win32binaries tarball containing the extra dependencies that might be required when compiling all plug-ins and examples, or just select the individual packages listed below. The md5sum for is baf2155bc4cb91288543681ec3c6e257. was built from sources at the following URL's:

Debian pre package dependencies

Under Debian GNU/Linux you can make use of the pre-packaged binaries and run apt-get build-dep openscenegraph to download and install the necessary dependencies.

A quick dependencies guide follows.

  • Plugins :
    The plugins are all optional, many of which have no further requirements beyond the core libraries so will compile straight out of the box. Other plugins require 3rd party libraries to be installed to allow them to be compiled. If you don't need to compile and plugin that is at present being compiled by default simply comment it out of the Make/makedirdefs file under Unix or unselect that particular plugin in VisualStudio's batch build. Follows is a list of dependencies and where to download them for each set of platforms.
file format Plugin source code in the OSG distribution Windows OSX Unix
tiff images src/osgPlugins/tiff tiff from the gnuwin32 repository Fink or (see note on Quicktime) libtiff
jpeg images src/osgPlugins/jpeg jpeg from the gnuwin32 repository Fink or (see note on Quicktime) libjpeg
gif images src/osgPlugins/gif libungif from the gnuwin32 repository Fink or (see note on Quicktime) libungif
png images src/osgPlugins/png libpng from the gnuwin32 repository Fink or (see note on Quicktime) libpng & libz
true type fonts src/osgPlugins/freetype freetype from the gnuwin32 repository Fink or freetype freetype
performer .pfb's src/osgPlugins/pfb Performer (now discontinued) Performer is not available Performer - for Linux and IRIX (now discontinued)

Notes, under OSX you can use Quicktime along with the src/osgPlugins/quicktime plugin to load tiff, jpef, gif and png images formats so you don't need to compile the related plugins.