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    66== !OpenSceneGraph 2.9.x latest development release: == 
     9 * '''!OpenSceneGraph-2.9.8, released on 18th June 2009''', key deliverables in this dev release are:[[BR]] 
     11   * Revamped 3ds plugin that supports and reading and writing, and now uses a latest lib3ds source code. 
     12   * New osgDB serializers and associated .osgt (text), .osgb (binary) and .osgx (xml) file formats that are extensible, and deprecate the old .osg and .ive formats. 
     13   * Revamp of osgGA CameraManipulators 
     14   * New osgQT library for integrating QT and OpenSceneGraph 
     15   * Range of improvements to the FBX plugin 
     16   * Rewrite of osg::observer_ptr<> and osg::Observer, with introduce of new ObserverNodePath class, for addressing threading issues with old implementation. 
     17   * A range of improvements to DatabasePager to improve performance, reduced memory usage, and address crashes/deadlocks. 
     18   * Fixes to memory usage in TerraPage (.txp) plugin. 
     19   * Improvements to the Graphviz .dot plugin and added support for dot diagrams to Present3D application. 
     20   * Improvements to COLLADA .dae plugin, including adding support for animation using osgAnimation. 
     21   * Support for automatic boundary equalization in osgTerrain databases (requires databases to built with updated VirtualPlanetBuilder to take advantage of it.) 
     22   * New OSG_INFO/OSG_NOTICE/OSG_WARN/OSG_DEBUG macro's that add a condition infront of the underlying osg::notify(..) call they provide to avoid executing stream code 
     23     when messages were being discarded, and also done in a way that compilers can optimize the notification code out completely when notification is completely 
     24     disabled via the new cmake GOSG_NOTIFY_DISABLE variable.  Under Windows this new feature avoids a hitting a contended global mutex that Microsoft uses in it 
     25     ostream implementation and results in a noticeable improvement in speed. All platforms will benefit from lower overheads as well, but not quite as dramatic as 
     26     under windows. 
     28   * Many general bug fixes and minor feature improvements/optimizations. 
     30 '''source package :''' [] [[BR]] 
     31 '''svn tag:''' svn co !OpenSceneGraph 
    834 * '''!OpenSceneGraph-2.9.7, released on 22nd February 2009''', key deliverables in this dev release are:[[BR]]