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Developer Releases

OpenSceneGraph 2.1.x latest development release:

  • OpenSceneGraph-2.1.5, released on 13th August 2007. Bug fixes, improvements to osgViewer, and introduction of support for soft shadow mapping. The changes to osgViewer were to ensure sharing of osgViewer::Scene between View's where scene data is shared, addition of get/setting of EventVisitor, UpdateVisitor and DatabasePager into View(er), and the addition of support for adding update operations to Viewer and CompositeViewer.
    source package :
    svn tag: svn co OpenSceneGraph

OpenSceneGraph 2.1.x Binaries

OpenSceneGraph_2.1.1 Mac OS X Universal Binaries Debian GNU/Linux packages at

osgProducer latest development release:

osgProducer viewer library has replaced by osgViewer in the core OpenSceneGraph-1.9.x (and SVN) series, with osgProducer moving out into its own separate project. A developer release of the new osgProducer is also available: