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Developer Releases

OpenSceneGraph 2.3.x latest development release:

  • OpenSceneGraph-2.3.0, released on 17th December 2007. Changes include : Bug and typo fixes, new double and external data support in Vec*Array classes, new double and Dbase .dbx support in ShapeFile plugin, new .cfg Producer config file loader, 64 bit OSG Archive support under Windows, support for continuation records in OpenFlight plugin, improvements to COLLADA plugin, new osgText::Text3D class for 3D geometry text, enhancements to PolytopeIntersector and addition of live video support in Quicktime plugin.
    source package :
    svn tag: svn co OpenSceneGraph

OpenSceneGraph 2.1.x Binaries

OpenSceneGraph_2.1.1 Mac OS X Universal Binaries Debian GNU/Linux packages at

osgProducer latest development release:

osgProducer viewer library has replaced by osgViewer in the core OpenSceneGraph-1.9.x (and SVN) series, with osgProducer moving out into its own separate project. A developer release of the new osgProducer is also available: