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Developer Releases

OpenSceneGraph 2.7.x latest development release:

  • OpenSceneGraph-2.7.6, released on 29th November 2008. OpenSceneGraph-2.7.6, changes include:
    • New osgAnimation library - adds character animation with skinning and solid body animation support, including a range of osganimation* examples.
    • Improvements to osgWidget, including new osgwidget* examples.
    • New osgbrowser example, osgWidget::Browser interface and gecko (libXul) based plugin that provides a full interactive browser in the 3D scene.
    • New osgpdf example that uses Cairo and Poppler libraries to provide a pdf document rendering in the 3D scene.
    • Improvements to the COLLADE (.dae) plugin.
    • New OpenEXR (.exe) plugin for reading HDR files.
    • New osgsidebyside example that allows users to visually test read/write of supported formats.
    • New osgautocature example that automatically reads in all externally paged tiles up to the highest res required for a specified view, then captures the scene to an image.
    • New osgmemorytest example that provides a range of OpenGL memory tests to help discover limits of hardware/drivers.
    • Support added for Value Source's .bsp models.
    • Support added packed stencil and depth render buffers to osg::Camera/osg::FrameBufferObject.
    • Various bug and build fixes.

source package :
svn tag: svn co OpenSceneGraph

  • OpenSceneGraph-2.7.5, released on 7th November 2008. OpenSceneGraph-2.7.5, changes include:
    • vnc plugin and associated osgvnc example that provide VNC support utilising the LibVNCServer library.
    • Wide character filenames support under Windows virtue of new osgDB::fopen() and osgDB::ifstream/ofstream classes.
    • requestWarpPointer support under OSX/Carbon.
    • improvements to osgvolume example, including support for convert RGB source data into luminance data and control rescale of the data ranges of source data.
    • Various bug and build fixes.

source package :
svn tag: svn co OpenSceneGraph

  • OpenSceneGraph-2.7.4, released on 29th October 2008. OpenSceneGraph-2.7.4, changes include:
    • New gz plugin for reading gzipped files.
    • Compression/Uncompression support in .ive using zlib. Use !ReaderWriter::Options string "compress" to enable compression on write.
    • Support for fine control of mipmapping in osgTerrain::Layer, and support of NPOT textures.
    • osgDB::DatatabasePager has now mechanism for managing PageLOD expiry - using a target maximum number of active/inactive PagedLOD
    • osgDB::FileCache Introduced as an extensible mechanism for cache files download from http.
    • New osgrobot example that demonstrates hierarchies of transforms.
    • New osggameoflife example that demonstates ping pong RTT.
    • Various bug and build fixes.

source package :
svn tag: svn co OpenSceneGraph

  • OpenSceneGraph-2.7.3, released on 8th October 2008. OpenSceneGraph-2.7.3 includes DCMTK based dicom 3d image loader, improvements to the osgvolume example, new LightSpacePerspectiveShadowMaps shadow technique, improved onscreen stats reporting, new Cmake support for CTest/Dashboard build reported, new ref_ptr<> methods which provide greater flexibility in usage and osg::Referenced interoperability with boost::intrusive_ptr<>, improved ImageSequence? implementation, new osg2cpp helper utility that converts GLSL shader files into .cpp's that can be directly compiled into applications and release OpenGL support in DatabasePager? for tighter management of the number of active OpenGL objects and introduced initial class shells for upcoming osgVolume library (not yet functional) . Also various bug and build fixes.
    source package :
    svn tag: svn co OpenSceneGraph

osgProducer latest development release:

osgProducer viewer library has replaced by osgViewer in the core OpenSceneGraph-1.9.x (and SVN) series, with osgProducer moving out into its own separate project. A developer release of the new osgProducer is also available: