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Developer Releases

The latest OpenSceneGraph developer series is the 2.9.x series that are the stepping stones towards out next stable release OpenSceneGraph-3.0 that is due early 2010. We aim to keep Developer releases as usable for daily work as possible, with a rapid turnaround on reported bugs and build issues. However, these release don't undergo the same testing rounds that the stable releases are subject to so be prepared for the occasional build/runtime issue, if you come across these report the problems to the osg-users mailing list/forum, and any fixes to osg-submissions.

OpenSceneGraph 2.9.x latest development release:

  • OpenSceneGraph-2.9.6, released on 10th December 2009, key deliverables in this dev release are:
    • OpenGL ES 1.1 support
    • OpenGL ES 2.0 support
    • OpenGL 3.x support
    • Texture object and Buffer object pools for tightly controlling GPU +
    • GL driver memory usage.
    • Updated 3DS plugin now with support for writing .3ds files.
    • Http support in present3D to allow online presentations to by
    • browsed directly.
    • Refactored osgManipulator to make it easier to control a wide range
    • of objects in the scene.
    • A range of improvements to osgAnimation.
    • New osgQtbrowser example that integrates QWebKit with the OSG to
    • provide an embedded 3d web browser.
    • New direcshow plugin for reading video under windows.
    • New FBX plugin.
    • Many bug fixes!

Further details can be found on the developer blog and our OpenGL-ES wiki page.
source package :
svn tag: svn co OpenSceneGraph

  • OpenSceneGraph-2.9.5, released on 22nd June 2009, changes include:
    • Integration of Present3D application, a 3D presentation tool, directly into core OpenSceneGraph.
    • New .p3d plugin that allows 3D presentations to be loaded into all OpenSceneGraph applications.
    • Support for reading .p3d presentation files over http connection.
    • New osgDB::DatabaseRevisions support to allow automatic refreshing of locally cached data that has been updated on a remote server, new osgdatabaserevisions example illustrates usage.
    • New osgshadercomposer example that provides a custom scheme for manage shader composition using a VirtualProgram StateAttribute.
    • Improvements to Cocoa support in osgViewer
    • Re-factor of osgDB::!ReaderWriter::Options so that it now lives in the osgDB scope, and in it's own include/osgDB/Option header file.
    • Re-factor of osgDB callbacks to allow osgDB::Options to provide callbacks that override the osgDB::Registry ReadFileCallback and WriteFileCallbacks, and for the callbacks to now be defined in their own separate include/osgDB/Callbacks header file.
    • Introduction of new osgDB::FindFileCallback and osgDB::FileLocationCallback to enable customization of find file schemes and manage of local file caches.
    • Improvements to the COLLADA plugin
    • Added support for RenderBin::SortMode::TRAVERSAL_ORDER to enable rendering of scene graph drawables in the order that they were traversed in.
    • VRML plugin ported across to work with latest versions of OpenVRML
    • Support for writing dxf files from the dxf plugin
    • zip plugin now unzips files in memory and support reading .zip files across http.
    • .x directx model plugin now supports reading from istream enable reading files across http.
    • osgVolume support added to .ive format
    • Re-factor of the X11 keyboard remapping to better handle different locals.
    • Support for customizing handling of osg::notify() messages including support.
    • Support for GL_MAX_TEXTURE_LEVEL to allow partial specification of mipmap levels in osg::Texture, osg::Image and dds plugin
    • Support for GL_EXT_blend_equation_separate
    • Improved compatibility with SWIG wrapper building
    • Build fixes under !FreeBSD and IBM AIX, and RedHat Enterprise Linux.
    • Crash fixes in osg::State, osg::Geometry and osgWidget.
    • Bug fixes to (also integrated into OpenSceneGraph-2.8.2-rc1) :
      • computation of sector range in osgSim::LightPoint
      • extension checking of FBO packed stencil support
      • position of tabs at corners of manipulators
      • threading bug in .osg plugin that occurred during multi-threaded initialization
      • alignment of Text what setting alignment after assign text string
      • loading of compressed texture arrays
      • texture generate mipmap for non power of two textures
      • regression in X11 key symbol remapping, improved support for Russian keyboards
      • regression of StencilMask setting in RenderStage
      • small memory leak in X11 usage
      • Transform::computeBound() double BoundingSphere support
      • Resize handling when master and slave Cameras share the same GraphicsContext
      • draw instanced support
      • Optimizer – MergeGeometryVisitor, RemoveLoadedProxyNodesVisitor and SpatializeGroupsVistor
      • hdr image loader
      • handling of opacity maps in 3ds loader
      • dxf loader
      • frame buffer object
      • cursor/event handling in windows
      • windows threading
      • memory leak in Collada loader
      • fixes to display lists/vbo creation that prevent crash under ATI drivers
      • subface PolygonOffset setting in OpenFlight
      • osgconv –formats under OSX
      • osgTerrain::Layer bounding volume calculation.

source package :
svn tag: svn co OpenSceneGraph

  • OpenSceneGraph-2.9.4, released on 24th April 2009, changes include:
    • New frame rate management controls added to Viewer::run()/!CompositeViewer::run() that provide ability to do on demand rendering, as well as capping frame rate below a specified maximum.
    • Removed ATI specific hack from PolygonOffset that was required for an older generation of buggy OpenGL drivers.
    • Fix of the handling of the PolygonOffset for subface geometry loaded in OpenFlight plugin.
    • Support for texture shadow extension added to osg::TextureRectangle
    • Switched triangle orientation in mdl plugin to prevent back/face being flipped by the change to OpenGL/OSG coordinate frame.
    • Support added to 3ds loader for reading from streams as well as files, opening the door to reading 3ds files over http
    • New PluginStringData map added to osgDB::!ReaderWriter::Options to make it easier to get string options passed to plugin.
    • Various minor build, typo and spelling fixes.

source package :
svn tag: svn co OpenSceneGraph

  • OpenSceneGraph-2.9.3, released on 11th April 2009, changes include:
    • Support for mimetypes in osgDB
    • New ply mesh loader
    • Improvements to DXF loader
    • Clean up if/else blocks in CMake files
    • Bug fix to Optimizer's SpatialGoupsVisitor
    • Support for .view and Producer .cfg configuration files in osgViewer::CompositeViewer
    • Updated to XCode projects + OSX code paths for better support for 64bit builds under OSX
    • Elastic added to osgAnimation::EaseMotion
    • Fixed handling of VertexBufferObject compilation in Drawable::compleGLObject that fixes a crash under ATI drivers
    • Added OSG_MULTI_SAMPLES env to enable multi-sampling via the command line
    • osgTerrain::GeometryTechnique now has support for TerrainTile heighfields larger than 256x256

source package :
svn tag: svn co OpenSceneGraph

  • OpenSceneGraph-2.9.2, released on 23rd March 2009, changes include:
    • New include/osgUtil/ShaderGen utility for convert fixed function pipeline scene graphs into equivalent shader based scene graphs.
    • New osgshadergen <filename> example that demonstrates new osgUtil::ShaderGen class.
    • Improvements to build support and runtime of the new FFmpeg based video plugin
    • Support added to .ive format for osg::PolygonStipple class.
    • Code clean up of quicktime plugin.
    • Bug and build fixes.

source package :
svn tag: svn co OpenSceneGraph

  • OpenSceneGraph-2.9.1, released on 13th March 2009, changes include:
    • New FFmpeg based video reading plugin
    • New osgUtil::IncrementalCompileOperation class that makes it easier to manage compiling and merging new subgraphs into the scene graph without causing frame drops.
    • New osgAnimation::MorphGeometry class for managing morphing between different geometry sets.
    • New ImageIO plugin for OSX for reading images, and supports both 32bit and 64bit OSX.
    • New Cocoa support in osgViewer via new osgViewer::GraphicsWindowCocoa and PixelBufferCocoa classes that support both 32bit and 64bit OSX.
    • New Support for server protocols in addition to http.
    • New osgDB::ReaderWriter::Features API to enable querying of features that plugins support, to see in action use osgconv --formats.
    • New scroll wheel support in osgGA::TrackballManipulator.
    • Bug fixes to osgText::Text3D font reading, osgUtil::Optimizier, OpenThreads::ReentrantMutex, Node/Drawable copy constructors and osgPaticle::FluidProgram, RenderStage/FBO handling and more.

source package :
svn tag: svn co OpenSceneGraph

  • OpenSceneGraph-2.9.0, released on 23rd February 2009, changes include:
    • Under VisualStudio builds VisualStudio specific version information now embedded in core libraries and plugins.
    • Improved support in osgconv for writing out of compressed imagery to .osg or .ive files with external imagery.
    • Support for using ARB_vertex_program and ARB_fragment_program added to osgforest example.
    • Points support added to dxf plugin.
    • Bug fixes to State::reset(), dxf plugin, hdr plugin and draw instanced for ushort and uint versions of osg::DrawElements?.

source package :
svn tag: svn co OpenSceneGraph

osgProducer latest development release:

osgProducer viewer library has replaced by osgViewer in the core OpenSceneGraph-1.9.x (and SVN) series, with osgProducer moving out into its own separate project. A developer release of the new osgProducer is also available: