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git mirror

As of March 2010, an experiment in mirroring the svn source repository to git has been started. Informations on how to use and contribute are listed below.


git, obviously :

  • on Windows :
    • test
  • on Mac :
    • gitx
  • on Linux
    • test


The mirror is hosted on github AND gitorious see comments at the end of this page on pros ans cons of these services

on github : on gitorious : h

The mirorring process was fairly simple :

  1. use svn2git (my mirror added a --continue flag if the execution failed the svn fetch process) :
    ~ $ svn2git
  2. add remotes to push changes to
    ~/OpenSceneGraph $ git remote add github
    ~/OpenSceneGraph $ git remote add gitorious
  3. create a shell script to update and push changes
    cd ~/OpenSceneGraph
    /usr/bin/git svn fetch
    /usr/bin/git merge trunk
    /usr/bin/git push --mirror gitorious
    /usr/bin/git push --mirror github
  4. add the shell script to the crontab
    */5 * * * * ~/

Services Pros & Cons

github gitorious
downloads + source archive per tag - manual upload of archives