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The source code, binaries, dependencies and sample datasets are are available for download, follow the links below to download the required elements. For end-users we recommend downloading a binaries for your platform, and sample datasets. For software-developers we recommend downloading the source code for the latest stable release, the project dependencies and sample datasets.

For software-developers needing the access very latest developments we recommend using the Subversion version of the OpenSceneGraph or weekly Developer releases. The development versions are at the cutting edge don't undergo the same lengthy testing process that stable releases are subjected too, so they may you occasionally see build or runtime errors on some platforms. However, we do strive to keep all development versions as stable in build and runtime as possible, if there are problems reporting them on the osg-users mailing list usually results in rapid turn around of fixes.

If you are unsure what you need please read through the GettingStarted guide.

Stable Release 2.6, Candidate 1, released 25th July 2008. Further information...

Please test the 2.6.0-rc1, and the OpenSceneGraph-2.6 branch. We plan a week to 10 days testing and fixing of the rc series and then will then tag the final 2.6.0 stable release early in August.

Source Code:

Previous Stable Release 2.4, released 25th April 2008. Further information...

Source Code:

  • Zip file containing source code : md5sum 4d57fe285a1c6601893b1e0b99ca0bd3
  • Subversion tag : svn co OpenSceneGraph


Project dependencies and Datasets:

Latest Developer releases and Subversion

Project dependencies and Datasets:

Previous releases