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The osg-users and osg-submissions mailing lists are linked to these forums. All messages posted to the mailing lists will be added to the forum. All replies and topics started on the forums will be send to the corresponding mailing list.bissell proheat 2x




Forum Description Mailing List Subject prefix
OpenSceneGraph Lists
General Discussion board about general question regarding to OSG. osg-users
Plugins Forum for users interested in plugins. osg-users [osgPlugins]
Build system Forum handling build problems with the core osg library. osg-users [build]
Submission Discuss and commit new submissions to the OSG. osg-submission
3rd Party
General General forum of any 3rd party plugins or nodekits. osg-users [3rdparty]
VirtualPlanetBuilder Subforum where you can discuss questions regarding to VirtualPlanetBuilder. osg-users [vbp]
osgPPU This is special forum with support for osgPPU. osg-users [osgppu]
General General discussion place about this forum. osg-users [forum]
Offline Make your suggestions and discuss how we can make this forum better. No ML link!