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Mailing Lists

Project support, training and consultancy services

Support for the OpenSceneGraph project is available via the public mailing list which is free of charge, and via professional support, training and consultancy services supplied by OpenSceneGraph Professional Services, Skew Matrix Software and Blue Newt Software, see below for further details.

Public mailing list

There are four public mailing list, osg-user for general support and development discussion, osg-news for announcements of releases, osg-cvs for CVS commit notifications, and osg-submissions for submitting bug fixes or other code. The public osg-user mailing list is a lively forum for discussions ranging from how to get started for those new to the project and scene graphs, to bug reports and fixes, through to debates on how to utilize the latest and greatest graphics hardware.

To get help efficient answers to your questions on the public mailing lists please take a moment and look over this Smart Questions document. Not only will it increase the likelihood of your question being answered, it will also help promote an intelligent and mature technical discussion environment.

To subscribe to any of these list, follow the appropriate link:

osg-usersFor software support and development discussions. osg-user archives are also available.
osg-newsFor news of new releases.
osg-buildFor development of build systems discussion.
osg-crewFor volunteers dedicated to supporting the project.
osg-submissionsTo submit code changes, bug fixes, enhancements or code additions. All submissions must conform to the SubmissionsProtocol, please read this page before submitting code changes or additions, non conformant submissions will be rejected.

Professional Services

  • Professional Support - Annual support contacts are available for organizations that need a dedicated, confidential mailing list and phone support.
  • Training - On-site training is available, with courses tailored to the needs of clients and can range from 1 day to 1 week long.
  • Consultancy - Consultancy services are available for bespoke development work on top of the OpenSceneGraph, to assist the development of client applications and the development of custom library and applications.
  • Technical Documentation - Technical writing services are available to create both internal and end-user documentation for OpenSceneGraph - and OpenGL-based applications and software projects.

Contact: For inquiries about Professional Support, Training or Consultancy please contact Robert Osfield <robert"AT">, or Paul Martz <pmartz"AT">. Please replace "AT" with @, this has been done to help alleviate spam. Please do not contact us directly with support questions, use the public osg-users list all free support.

IRC channel

There is also a IRC channel started up by members of the OSG community over at: #openscenegraph

Please note, the IRC channel is populated by members of the community, but it not part of the official support for the OSG, so for bug reports, fixes, and submission please use the osg-user public mailing list.