M1A2 tank simulated in the Vortex physics toolkit (120px wide)
Concrete pump truck simulated in the Vortex physics toolkit  (120px wide)
Lattice boom crane with pile driver attachment simulated in the Vortex physics toolkit (120px wide)
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December 1st, 2008
CMLabs Launches Feature-filled Vortex 4.1 for High-Fidelity and Physics-based Vehicles, Robotics and Training Simulations
December 1, 2008, Montreal, Canada – CMLabs, the global innovator of real-time, physics-based simulations, announced today the release of Vortex 4.1, an enhanced version of its robust software toolkit for fully interactive virtual environments and accurate dynamic motion and mechanical behaviour.

Vortex 4.1 provides the visual simulation market with significant new features and time-saving enhancements. Building on major Vortex 4 module extensions, the latest version offers developers an XML-based file format to simplify how they define, save and reload a Vortex universe, while saving the simulation state. Vortex 4.1 includes and fully supports OpenSceneGraph (OSG) 2.6.1, leveraging the open-source 3D scenegraph for Vortex simulations. New Vortex enhancements provide up to 50% faster assembly construction during simulation, and a wide variety of new and improved Vortex properties and physics behaviour equip users with substantial functionality to create, extend and fine-tune real-time simulations.

Read the full press release at http://www.cm-labs.com/company/news/20081201/20081201-Vortex-4.1.pdf . For more information, please visit CMLabs at www.cm-labs.com or contact info@….