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Vortex 4.1 release


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     1|| [[Image(Community/People/Jean-SebastienGuay:M1A2-4-120w.png, 120, nolink)]][[BR]][[Image(Community/People/Jean-SebastienGuay:ConcretePump-Deep-120w.png, 120,nolink)]][[BR]][[Image(Community/People/Jean-SebastienGuay:LatticeBoom-PileDriver-120w.png, 120,nolink)]][[BR]][wiki:Community/People/Jean-SebastienGuay Larger images] || December 1st, 2008 [[BR]] CMLabs Launches Feature-filled Vortex 4.1 for High-Fidelity and Physics-based Vehicles, Robotics and Training Simulations || December 1, 2008, Montreal, Canada – CMLabs, the global innovator of real-time, physics-based simulations, announced today the release of Vortex 4.1, an enhanced version of its robust software toolkit for fully interactive virtual environments and accurate dynamic motion and mechanical behaviour. [[BR]][[BR]] Vortex 4.1 provides the visual simulation market with significant new features and time-saving enhancements. Building on major Vortex 4 module extensions, the latest version offers developers an XML-based file format to simplify how they define, save and reload a Vortex universe, while saving the simulation state. Vortex 4.1 includes and fully supports OpenSceneGraph (OSG) 2.6.1, leveraging the open-source 3D scenegraph for Vortex simulations. New Vortex enhancements provide up to 50% faster assembly construction during simulation, and a wide variety of new and improved Vortex properties and physics behaviour equip users with substantial functionality to create, extend and fine-tune real-time simulations. [[BR]][[BR]] Read the full press release at . For more information, please visit CMLabs at or contact ||