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Poll result page

The results of the first OpenSceneGraph poll are in! The poll question was "How do you get your OpenSceneGraph binaries?". A total of 178 votes were cast by 154 unique voters (judging from IP addresses).

Almost two-thirds of the votes were cast for the Windows options, 61%, versus 39% for the Linux ones. The majority of voters casting two or more votes indicated they compiled from source.

Here are the results grouped by platform:


I compile OSG from source, but use precompiled dependencies33.7%60
I use Mike Weiblen's precompiled binaries for both OSG and its dependencies18.0%32
I compile OSG and its dependencies from source (choose to)7.9%14
I compile OSG and its dependencies from source (no precompiled package for my compiler)0.6%1


I compile OSG from source myself29.2%52
I use packages provided by my distribution5.1%9
Where is the precompiled package for Linux?0.6%1

A selection of remarks provided with the votes:

  • "We compiled our deps to avoid version mismatch issues and to have full control over the process."
  • "For VS2005 I've made a tutorial to compile OSG from source using precompiled dependencies (french):"
  • "I use the pre-built packages when possible, but also build them myself. It is easier to distribute my code and to tell other users to use the pre-built installer than to have them build OSG themselves."
  • "I would use Gentoo's system, but it is stuck at 1.2"
  • "Thanks so much for OSG!"
  • "I compile OSG from source to use debug builds and have debug information. Still need to step into osg code to understand..."
  • "Windows: compile OSG from source, use precompiled dependencies, Linux: compile OSG from source, use dependencies from distro's package manager."
  • "I compile & link the dependencies statically into my osg application."
  • "I wouldnt if the precompiled ones would work for me"
  • "well i had lots of trouble with the precompiled binaries... so i decided to compile everything by myself"
  • "It's possible to compile on VxWorks?"
  • Multiple voters were curious where the MacOS vote option was. As far as I (Paul Melis) could tell, there weren't any provided through the OpenSceneGraph website ("OSX Pending"), and I also couldn't find any using Google. So if there is a standard OSG binary distribution for the Mac then the OSG download page should clearly be updated...