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2.8.4 Release Now Available

2.8.4 press release.

Source code archive.

The 2.8.4 release (11 April 2011) adds NO new features to the 2.8.3 release, only limited bug fixes and build system improvements. 2.8.4 includes no intentional API changes; applications built with OSG 2.8.3 should not require modification to build with 2.8.4 (and may be able to run with drop-in binary library replacement without recompiling).

Please check out from either the latest release candidate or the 2.8 branch, and test building/running with your applications. Report any issues to the osg-users mailing list. Thanks for your help!

SVN Checkout


  • Capability to build correctly on Microsoft Visual Studio 10 (2010)
  • Update to ffmpeg to build with latest version

Specific Changes

"Latest" means the module was taken from svn head 11206, unless noted otherwise.

DoneAddition of #include <iterator> in several files (part of trunk r10764)
DoneReplace osgIntrospection Value header "nullptr" function (trunk r10917)
DoneFix for OpenThreads INSTALL target (trunk r11354)
doneFix for SO numbers in VS2010 DLL names (trunk r11904)