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OSG Example Programs

OSG comes with a large set of example programs which demonstrates features and techniques available in the library. The table below will give you a quick overview of what each example program demonstrates. Follow the program link for a more detailed explanation.


If you are familiar with or have authored any of the example programs, please contribute documentation to this page:

  1. In the first column add an illustrative 200x150 pixels screenshot thumbnail
  2. In the third column of the table please add key OSG features and techniques demonstrated.
  3. Create a page for the example where you can get down to the dirty details, incl. code fragments and link to SVN source files
  4. Sample link to source code: osganimate.cpp

Example Programs Overview

ScreenshotProgramWhat is demonstrated? (summary)
osganimate? (code: osganimate.cpp)
osgautotransform? (code: osgautotransform.cpp)
osgbillboard? (code: osgbillboard.cpp)
osgblendequation? (code: osgblendequation.cpp)
osgcallback? (code: osgcallback.cpp)
osgcamera? (code: osgcamera.cpp)
osgcatch? (code: osgcatch.cpp)
osgcegui? (code: osgcegui.cpp)
osgclip? (code: osgclip.cpp)
osgcluster? (code: osgcluster.cpp)
osgcompositeviewer? (code: osgcompositeviewer.cpp)
osgcopy? (code: osgcopy.cpp)
osgcubemap? (code: osgcubemap.cpp)
osgdelaunay? (code: osgdelaunay.cpp)
osgdepthpartition? (code: osgdepthpartition.cpp)
osgdepthpeeling? (code: osgdepthpeeling.cpp)
osgdistortion? (code: osgdistortion.cpp)
osgfadetext? (code: osgfadetext.cpp)
osgfont? (code: osgfont.cpp)
osgforest? (code: osgforest.cpp)
osgfxbrowser? (code: osgfxbrowser.cpp)
osggeodemo? (code: osggeodemo.cpp)
osggeometry? (code: osggeometry.cpp)
osggeometryshaders? (code: osggeometryshaders.cpp)
osghangglide? (code: osghangglide.cpp)
osghud? (code: osghud.cpp)
osgimpostor? (code: osgimpostor.cpp)
osgintersection? (code: osgintersection.cpp)
osgintrospection? (code: osgintrospection.cpp)
osgkeyboard? (code: osgkeyboard.cpp)
osgkeyboardmouse? (code: osgkeyboardmouse.cpp)
osglauncher? (code: osglauncher.cpp)
osglight? (code: osglight.cpp)
osglightpoint? (code: osglightpoint.cpp)
osglogicop? (code: osglogicop.cpp)
osglogo? (code: osglogo.cpp)
osgmanipulator? (code: osgmanipulator.cpp)
osgmotionblur? (code: osgmotionblur.cpp)
osgmovie? (code: osgmovie.cpp)
osgmultiplerendertargets? (code: osgmultiplerendertargets.cpp)
osgmultitexture? (code: osgmultitexture.cpp)
osgmultitexturecontrol? (code: osgmultitexturecontrol.cpp)
osgoccluder? (code: osgoccluder.cpp)
osgocclusionquery? (code: osgocclusionquery.cpp)
osgpagedlod? (code: osgpagedlod.cpp)
osgparametric? (code: osgparametric.cpp)
osgparticle? (code: osgparticle.cpp)
osgparticleeffects? (code: osgparticleeffects.cpp)
osgphotoalbum? (code: osgphotoalbum.cpp)
osgpick? (code: osgpick.cpp)
osgplanets? (code: osgplanets.cpp)
osgpoints? (code: osgpoints.cpp)
osgpointsprite? (code: osgpointsprite.cpp)
osgprecipitation? (code: osgprecipitation.cpp)
osgprerender? (code: osgprerender.cpp)
osgprerendercubemap? (code: osgprerendercubemap.cpp)
osgreflect? (code: osgreflect.cpp)
osgscalarbar? (code: osgscalarbar.cpp)
osgscreencapture? (code: osgscreencapture.cpp)
osgscribe? (code: osgscribe.cpp)
osgsequence? (code: osgsequence.cpp)
osgshaders? (code: osgshaders.cpp)
osgshaderterrain? (code: osgshaderterrain.cpp)
osgshadow? (code: osgshadow.cpp)
osgshape? (code: osgshape.cpp)
osgsharedarray? (code: osgsharedarray.cpp)
osgsimplifier? (code: osgsimplifier.cpp)
osgsimulation? (code: osgsimulation.cpp)
osgslice? (code: osgslice.cpp)
osgspacewarp? (code: osgspacewarp.cpp)
osgspheresegment? (code: osgspheresegment.cpp)
osgspotlight? (code: osgspotlight.cpp)
osgstaticviewer? (code: osgstaticviewer.cpp)
osgstereoimage? (code: osgstereoimage.cpp)
osgstereomatch? (code: osgstereomatch.cpp)
osgteapot? (code: osgteapot.cpp)
osgterrain? (code: osgterrain.cpp)
osgtessellate? (code: osgtessellate.cpp)
osgtext? (code: osgtext.cpp)
osgtext3D? (code: osgtext3D.cpp)
osgtexture1D? (code: osgtexture1D.cpp)
osgtexture2D? (code: osgtexture2D.cpp)
osgtexture3D? (code: osgtexture3D.cpp)
osgtexturerectangle? (code: osgtexturerectangle.cpp)
osgthirdpersonview? (code: osgthirdpersonview.cpp)
osgunittests? (code: osgunittests.cpp)
osgvertexprogram? (code: osgvertexprogram.cpp)
osgviewerCocoa? (code: osgviewerCocoa.cpp)
osgviewerFLTK? (code: osgviewerFLTK.cpp)
osgviewerFOX? (code: osgviewerFOX.cpp)
osgviewerGLUT? (code: osgviewerGLUT.cpp)
osgviewerGTK? (code: osgviewerGTK.cpp)
osgviewerMFC? (code: osgviewerMFC.cpp)
osgviewerQT? (code: osgviewerQT.cpp)
osgviewerSDL? (code: osgviewerSDL.cpp)
osgviewerWX? (code: osgviewerWX.cpp)
osgvolume? (code: osgvolume.cpp)
osgwindows? (code: osgwindows.cpp)