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Follows are Fequently asked questions.

More FAQs about OSG may be found at [3drealtimesimulation].

Note at the bottom of page there links to the previous two Wiki FAQ's which have now been ported across to this FAQ.

Q: I have no idea what OpenSceneGraph is, can you give me a short description?

A: It is a 3D graphics library for C++ programmers. A SceneGraph library allows you to represent objects in a scene with a graph data structure which allows you to group related objects that share some properties together so you can specify common properties for the whole group in one place. OpenSceneGraph can then be used to automatically manage things like the level of detail necessary to draw the scene faithfully but without unnecessary detail which slows down the graphics hardware drawing the scene.

Q: Where can I get info on OpenSceneGraph?

A: Try these locations:

The official homepage The news mailing list The users' mailing list

Q: Whats the difference beween your Open Scene Graph and the one from

A: Try these comments:

Q: I've heard that there will be a book published about OSG. When will it be available?

A: Available now and constantly under revision to kep up with changes in OSG. Purchasing the books helps fund this effort. More OSG books, not just revisions, are planned for the future.

Q: I'm not using MS Visual Studio. Does OpenSceneGraph support other Compilers, like mingw32?

A: There is a build in the distribution for Cygwin and Mingw, but they are primarily supported by folks on the mailing list.