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1998 Getting off the ground

The project was started as a hobby by Don Burns in 1998, as means of porting a hang gliding simulator written on top of the Performer scene graph running on IRIX to what was then a humble Linux PC.

1999 Opening the way

In 1999, Robert Osfield began helping out with the simulator development and ported the scene graph element to Windows. In September 1999 the source code was open sourced, and the openscenegraph.org website was born, with Robert taking over the scene graph project and Don focusing on the hang gliding simulator.

Through the autum and into winter Robert takes the opportunity to embrace Standard C++ and Design Patterns, refactoring the scene graph to fit with new standards and methodoligies.

2000 Hobby becomes Obsession

2001 Obsesssion turns to Profession

In April 2001, in response to growing interest in the project around the world, Robert went fulltime on the project, setting up OpenSceneGraph Professional Services providing commericial support, consultancy services and training.

At the end of 2001 Don also formed his own company Andes Computer Engineering and participates in the development and support of OpenSceneGraph as well as complimentary projects like OpenProducer and BlueMarbleViewer.

2002 Community Foundations

2003 The year of scalabilty

2004 ...part of the establishment…