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Added page about OpenFlight? reader.


The OpenFlight format is an defacto industry standard format in the visual simulation industry, developed by Multigen Paradigm Inc. (MPI)
Here is the web link:

The old OpenFlight plugin osgdb_flt is moved out of the core to the deprecated SVN directory structure.
svn co http://www.openscenegraph.ORG/svn/osg/OpenSceneGraph/deprecated deprecated
To use the old plugin set the environment variable OSG_OPEN_FLIGHT_PLUGIN=old

Option strings for OpenFlight reader

billboardCenter Set billboard rotation point to center of face.
dofAnimation Enable animation on DOF nodes.
clampToEdge Use texture wrap mode CLAMP_TO_EDGE where CLAMP is specified.
noTextureAlphaForTransparancyBinning Do not enable alpha blending based on image translucency.
preserveFace Preserve Face information like name and comment by translating each face record into an osg::Geode.
preserveObject Preserve Object information.
keepExternalReferences Externals will be left as ProxyNodes.
cloneExternalReferences Externals are cloned.
Units conversion:
convertToFeet Convert units to feet.
convertToInches Convert units to inches.
convertToMeters Convert units to meters.
convertToKilometers Convert units to kilometers.
convertToNauticalMiles Convert units to miles.
noUnitsConversion Disable units conversion.

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