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Repeating Textures


Repeating Textures are used to cover large areas (such as a field, a terrain etc) with a single small texture that is duplicated many times. This often looks bad when taken from a photograph as the images are unlikely to have exactly the same intensity of colours at right and left edges of the image (or at top and bottom). This can be cured in photo editing software using a simple trick.

The technique works in Photoshop, Gimp and PhotoImpact. Load the image then roll the image so that half the image is moved from the right end of the image to the left (also for top to bottom if repeating this way).

  1. In Photoshop: menu Filter->Other->Offset will do this.
  2. In the Gimp: menu Layer->transform->offset (SHIFT+CTRL+O): Press the button that says something like "offset by x/2, y/2"
  3. In PhotoImpact: Use menu Web->Shift Image.

The sharp edge is now in the middle of your picture, and you can edit it to remove this by blurring or by applying the clone tool to copy pixels from a similar area of the picture to overwrite the sharp edge.

There are other tools available such as procedural textures (Google that term!) which are guaranteed to repeat