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Knowledge Base

This section is setup to provide users with general information around the Introduction/OpenSceneGraph, which is not directly part of, but good to know or just fundamental knowledge.


  • OpenSource - overview of Open Source /Free Software
  • OpenGL - overview of OpenGL
  • SceneGraph - introduction to scene graphs
  • Standard C++ - useful links and information on using Standard C++
  • Maths - useful links and information on math used in graphics
  • OpenThreads - overview of Open Threads
  • OpenSceneGraph - overview of Open Scene Graph with links to detailed descriptions of nodes etc
  • Textures - hints and tips on acquiring, using or generating textures.

Realtime graphics

Hardware/OS/Driver setup


  • NodeKit - explains what a OpenSceneGraph NodeKit is.
  • PseudoLoader - a technique for using OpenSceneGraph's PlugIn mechanism for more than just loading files.
  • Drawables - explains what an OpenSceneGraph Drawable is, especially when to use DrawArrays, DrawElements.
  • Functor - explains what a Functor is in basic terms.
  • ref_ptr, camera - a collection of articles for Open Scene Graph written by Don Burns

GUI Interfaces