Latest Developments

The OpenSceneGraph is being continuously development by the lead developers and members of the community, the last few months in particular have seen some significant changes and additions:

General infrastructure and build changes:

  • New servers hosting the OSG website and mailing lists.
  • Migration from CVS to Subversion of version control - see SVN
  • New unified CMake build system

New additions:

  • New osgViewer library which replaces osgProducer
  • New osgShadow library
  • New osgManipulator library
  • New intersection routines which support line segment intersection, plane and polytope intersections as well handling paged database. See include/osgUtil/IntersectionVisitor and include/osgSim/HeightAboveTerrain, LineOfSight and ElevationSlice classes.

Orignal modules moved out into their own projects:

  • osgProducer moved out into its own separate project, now with its own Trac based website.
  • osgTerrain/DataSet and osgdem moved out into its own separate project called VirtualPlanetBuilder, now with its own Trac based website.

Deprecated components moved out into their out of the core osg:

  • New deprecated SVN directory structure
    svn co deprecated
  • Old OpenFlight loader (flt plugin) move out to deprecated/src/osgPlugins/flt

Porting guides from OpenSceneGraph 1.2 to SVN or 1.9.x versions of OSG

  • Porting from osgProducer to the new osgViewer library
  • Porting from osgUtil::IntersectVisitor to the new osgUtil::IntersectionVisitor classes
  • Porting from old Drawable::drawImplementation(State&) to (RenderInfo&)

TODO list which need to be complete for 2.0