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Linux plugins

OpenVRML plugin

The VRML plugin uses OpenVRML. It can only be compiled using version 0.14.3 of OpenVRML, because later versions depend on boost and had incompatible code changes.

  1. You may need to apply this small patch to get the library to compile with a recent version of gcc (probably anything newer than gcc 4.1.x will need it)
    • Patch is applied using:
         tar xvzf openvrml-0.14.3.tar.gz
         cd openvrml-0.14.3
         zcat openvrml-gcc.patch.gz | patch -p1 
  2. Configure the library as follows (change the prefix, if needed):
    ./configure --prefix=/opt/openvrml-0.14.3 --disable-gl-renderer --disable-lookat --disable-script-node-javascript
  3. Compile and install it:
    make install
  4. In order have the plugin compile, define an environment variable OPENVRML_DIR to point to your OpenVRML installation:
    export OPENVRML_DIR=/opt/openvrml-0.14.3
  5. Run cmake:
    cmake .
  6. Compile OSG as usual.

In order to test the plugin, there are some test data available here.