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Follows are details on usage of OpenSceneGraph such as how to get things compiling under OSX.

Installing dependencies

The main requirement is that you need to have installed the Developer tools from the CD that comes for free with OS X. This gives you compilers, headers, frameworks - stuff like Producer and Carbon for developers. Get those here: The Apple tools website.

You will also need to install OpenThreads and Producer as per all other platforms, details on how to get these dependenices on the Dependencies page.

Under OSX the Fink project acts as repository for a number of different dependencies such as FreeType, binaries for these dependencies can by downloaded and installed without needing to build and install each individual library.

There is also the GNU-Darwin project which may be use.

Compiling under OSX using Makefiles

As per usual instructions for building under Unix with Makefiles, just cd into the root OpenSceneGraph directory and type:

make install

Compiling under OSX using XCode to build frameworks

See the OpenSceneGraph on OSX page developed by members of the OSG community.