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osgProducer To osgViewer

The new osgViewer library has been written a series of improvements over the original osgProducer library:

  • Easier to integrate with a range of Window toolkits
  • Remove the need for external dependency to make build the OpenSceneGraph easier
  • Unify the classes used Cameras in a scene graph, and Cameras in a viewer and avoid clashes in concepts and naming conventions.
  • Provide a set of viewer classes that provide functionality specific to different styles of applications:

osgViewer::Viewer - a viewer class which manages a single view on to a single scene, but this view can be composed of a single camera on a single window up to multiple cameras or multiple windows such as for multi-channel simulators. osgViewer::Viewer is equivilant to osgProducer::Viewer, but by design doesn't provide the same "everything and the kitchen sink" functionality that osgProducer::Viewer did.
osgViewer::CompositeViewer - a viewer class which manages one or more independent views on to one of more scenes, there is no equivalent in osgProducer, and creating such functionality was very awkward so this new class makes life much easier for developers that need this functionality.

  • Higher level viewer functions that allow one to run the main frame loop using a single line of code. This allows a viewer to to be set up in just 3 lines of code.
  • More coherent handling of events
  • Support for distortion correction
  • Better native windowing support, include multi-threading support for Windows for the first time.