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Mac OS X Tips

The following tips and tutorials for Mac OS X users, provided by Quicktime movie media are provided by People/EricWing:

The following are a series of screencasts that demonstrate how to get started with OpenSceneGraph on Mac OS X:

(These videos are also mirrored on YouTube, though YouTube? currently downsamples the quality quite a bit making them hard to see.)

The following videos are encoded with H.264.

This demonstrates how to install OpenSceneGraph. This version is intended for users already familiar with Mac OS X. (1:04)

This demonstrates how to install OpenSceneGraph from the binary package. This version is intended for users who may not be very familiar with Mac OS X. (5:04)

This demonstrates how to create your first OpenSceneGraph application using our OSG Xcode template. (3:07)

This demonstrates how to build an OpenSceneGraph program using the command line ( (4:24)

This demonstrates how to create an application that is completely self-contained and is drag-and-droppable/relocatable. Frameworks, PlugIns, and Resources are embedded in the .app bundle, thus avoiding the need for installers and avoiding issues like dll-hell. There is also a quick demonstration on how to enable Universal Binary building at 15:46. Though done in the context of OSG, these are general Mac OS X concepts and suitable for anybody doing development on Mac OS X. (17:12)

Additional References

See Mac OS X for general OSG/Mac OS X information.

See Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Notes for OSG/Leopard specific information.

See Objective-C/C++ for basic information on Objective-C and Objective-C++.

For a general tutorial on how to create your own embed-able frameworks, check out Jonathan ‘Wolf’ Rentzsch's "Embedded Cocoa Frameworks" Quicktime movie (offsite).